OXI-PULSE Finger Oximeter

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OXI-PULSE is ideal for making very accurate oximetry and Pulse Rate measurements in both adults and children.



OXI-PULSE® Finger Oximeter


Made in USA


OXI-PULSE® is ideal for making very accurate oximetry and Pulse Rate measurements in both adults and children.


Compact fingertip pulse oximeter (combined sensor and monitor)0-99% SpO2 – OXI-PULSE

Sensor and display are combined in a pocket sized, lightweight device in which the patient directly inserts his finger.

OXI-PULSE is small in dimension – big in performance.

Its versatility makes it ideal in any situation in which an accurate measurement is required – ideal both for the doctor as well as the patient for homecare use.

SpO2 and Pulse Rate are visualised on an LED display using large characters easy to read even in dark environments.

Long battery life due to automatic switching off after 8 seconds when not in use.


Oximetry is a vital sign.

Measure it with a simple but accurate instrument.


An extremely robust, simple to operate fingertip pulse oximeter ideal for spot-checking and short term transport with the benefit of ONE year manufacturer warranty.

Provides pulse rate and SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation or “sats”) measurements with pulse strength indicator.

Uses 2 ‘AAA’ size alkaline batteries giving up to 16 hours continuous use, equivalent to 1400 spot checks (1 min ON, 2 mins OFF).

Rugged design features 4 springs enclosed in a high-impact polycarbonate shell.

The Oximeter combines monitor and sensor into one unit that provides fast, reliable SpO2 , pulse rate, and pulse strength measurements on patients from paediatric to adult.

Ideal for use within emergency settings, in hospital or clinical environments, or for home use.

· Portable, lightweight, pocket-size monitor for clinical convenience

· One-button keypad for ease of operation

· Large LED display for use in a wide range of light or dark environments

· Pulse-strength display bar indicates relative perfusion at the measurement site

· Auto power shutdown after 8 seconds when not in use conserves batteries

· Low battery indicator flashes when 30 minutes of battery time remains


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